Truro cathedral time-line 1: 1876–1913

1877 1st May Enthronement of Bishop Edward White Benson in St Mary’s parish church, Truro.
1878 August Appointment of John Loughborough Pearson as cathedral architect.
1879 August Acceptance of Pearson’s designs.
1880 20th May Foundation stones ceremony.
1st October Last service in St Mary’s before the church was demolished.
1881 Commencement of building of the quire.
1883 Bishop Benson appointed as Archbishop of Canterbury.
George Wilkinson appointed 2nd Bishop of Truro.
Commencement of building of the south transept rather than the north transept.
1884 Canon Missioner AJ Mason appointed to All Hallows, Barking.
1885 Re-commencement of building of the north transept.
1886–7 See Time-Line 2.
1887 3rd November Consecration of Cathedral.
Cessation of all building work.
1891 John Gott appointed 3rd Bishop of Truro.
1896 11th October Death of Archbishop Benson.
1897 11th December Death of John Loughborough Pearson.
1898 5th January Appointment of Frank Loughborough Pearson as cathedral architect.
1898 20th May Commencement of building of the nave and the central tower.
1903 Benediction of the nave.
1904 Central (Victoria) tower completed.
1906 Charles Stubbs appointed 4th Bishop of Truro.
1910 20th June Benediction of the western towers.
1912 Winfrid Burrows appointed 5th Bishop of Truro.