Appendix 3 The final versions of the rose windows

W1. The western rose

A The Creator Spirit
B5 Day 1 D9 and 10 Light and Dark
B6 Day 2 D11 and 12 The Firmament
B7 Day 3 D13 and 14 Land and Vegetation
B1 Day 4 D1 and 2 Sun and Moon
B2 Day 5 D3 and 4 Fish and Birds
B3 Day 6 D5 and 6 Beasts and Man
B4 Day 7 D7 and 8 Day of Rest

N13. North transept rose

(in chronological order)

E5 Abraham
E7 Isaac
E1 Jacob
E3 Judah
E6 Jesse
E8 David
E2 Solomon
E4 Rehoboam*
D5 Abijah*
D6 Asa
D7 Jehoshaphat
D8 Jotham*
D1 Hezekiah
D2 Manasseh
D3 Josiah
D4 Jeconiah*
B8 Azor*
B1 Sadoc*
B2 Achim*
B3 Eliud*
B4 Eleazar*
B5 Matthan
B6 Jacob*
B7 Joseph*
A Mary and infant Jesus*

* Subjects not included in the 1887 Master Scheme.

S13. South transept rose

A The Holy Spirit as a Dove
B1 to B6 The flames of the Holy Spirit with attendant seraphim
C1 St Peter
C2 St Andrew
C3 St James the Greater
C4 St John
C5 St Philip
C6 St James the Less
C7 St Thomas
C8 St Bartholomew
C9 St Matthew
C10 St Simon
C11 St Matthias
C12 St Jude