Appendix 1 The Old Testament sequence: 1887 Master Scheme

W1. The west window

Where, in the Rose, will be depicted the symbol of the Creator Spirit, and in the four lights, the Creation and the Fall.
  1. The Creation of Light, Herbs and Trees, Sun and Moon.
  2. Whales, Fowl, Beasts.
  3. Creation of Adam, the Naming of the Creatures, the formation of Eve.
  4. The temptation of Eve, the Judgement on Fallen Man, the Expulsion from Eden.
At the sides, St. Michael and St. Gabriel, the Archangel leaders of the Heavenly Hosts, ministering to the race of men.

The clerestory sequence

South aisle North aisle
S23 Adam and Eve N24 Abel and Enoch
S22 Noah and Shem N23 Melchisedech and Abraham
S21 Sarah and Isaac N22 Rebekah and Jacob
S20 Leah and Judah N21 Rachel and Joseph
S19 Moses and Miriam N20 Aaron and Phinehas
S18 Joshua and Rahab N19 Deborah and Barak
S17 Gideon and Jephthah N18 Samson and Eli
S16 Ruth and Samuel N17 Elijah and Elisha
South transept North transept
S15 David and Solomon N16 Abiathar and Zadok
S14 Hezekiah and Eliakim N15 Jehoiada and Zachariah his son
S12 Josiah and Zerubbabel N14 Azariah and Hilkiah
S11 Nehemiah and Esther N12 Joshua (son of Josedech) and Ezra
N11 Simon (son of Onias) and Judas Maccabeus
South east transept North east transept
S5 Baruch and Tobit N5 Job and Agur
S3 Susanna and the Mother of the Seven Martyrs N3 Author of “Wisdom” and Jesus Son of Sirach
S2 Simeon and Anna N2 Zacharias and Elizabeth
Organ chamber
N10 Jubal
N9 Asaph

N13. The north transept rose

Forms the link between the Church’s life in the Old and New Testament, and represents the genealogy of the Second Adam, the Incarnate Son of God, depicted as Born of the Virgin Mary in the centre, sprung from the first Adam, according to the flesh …
  1. Adam*, Seth*, Enoch*, Noah*.
  2. Shem*, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.
  3. Judah, Salmon*, Boaz*, Jesse.
  4. David, Solomon, Asa, Jehoshaphat.
  5. Joash*, Hezekiah, Manasseh, Josiah.
  6. Salathiel*, Zerubbabel*, Matthat, Joachim*.

*Not included in the completed window

N4. The north east transept

The four upper lights
Types of the Incarnation Types of the Atonement Types of the Resurrection Types of the Ascension
7a Burning Bush 7b Sacrifice of Isaac 7c Daniel coming out of the den of lions 7d Elijah
6a Gideon’s Fleece 6b Passover 6c Jonah 6d Entry of Ark into Jerusalem
5a Elisha stretching himself on the child 5b Brazen serpent 5c Joseph 5d David’s return after slaughter of Goliath
4a Jacob’s Ladder. 4b Smitten Rock 4c Samson and the Gates of Gaza. 4d The Great Day of Atonement
The four lower lights
Types of the Church Types of Holy Baptism Types of the Holy Eucharist Types of the Church
3a Formation of Eve 3b Noah’s Ark 3c Melchizedek 3d The Sceptre held out to Esther
2a Aaron’s Rod 2b Coming up from the Red Sea 2c The Manna 2d The Seven branched Candlestick
1a Moses laying his hands on Joshua 1b Naaman in Jordan 1c The Grapes of Eschol. 1d The Building of the Temple