Truro, Treliske House

Main stairs

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Not known
Number of lights
Not known
Main subject
Decorative borders and patterns with roundels : left farming scene ; centre mining scene and armorial ; right fishing(?) scene

Whole window

Head of left-hand light. A farmer guides a plough, pulled by unseen animals. Behind him are some rabbits on the unploughed part of the field, and nearby are farm buildings, some of which are thatched. On a hill in the distance is a windmill, driving some other machinery.

Head of left-hand light detail.

Head of centre light. A thin, stooping miner, wearing a helmet with a candle on it, and carrying a pick and a small cask or barrel is about to cross a small stream on the way to the mine. The mine’s engine house is shown, with smoke coming out of the chimney. In the distance is another, similar engine house. Beside the stream is a building with a water wheel. There are a disused boiler and broken pieces of mining machinery on the ground.

Head of centre light detail: miner.

Centre light. Arms, crest and motto. The arms of Smith of Crantock and Tregonnick are azure a saltire between four martlets argent (Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 936. , London, Harrison & Sons, Visitations of Cornwall, p 430). The crest here is probably a griffin segreant, i.e., the whole bird, with wings expanded. The motto, Sursum quaero, may be derived from Quae sursum sunt, quaerite (Seek those things which are above) (Colossians 3:1).

Centre light detail.

Centre light detail. Border to lower left of Smith arms

Head of right-hand light. A simply-dressed young woman sits on cases or trunks on a paved platform or terrace bounded by a low brick wall. Behind her on the terrace is a crate and some barrels. In her right hand the woman holds a bundle of wires which run up to a telegraph pole on one side of her and lie in coils on the ground on the other side. Behind and below the terraced area are ships on the sea, and steep cliffs.

Head of right-hand light detail.