Looe, Guildhall

East 1

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Fouracre & Watson
Main subject
Set in decorative square quarries:
  1. Upper. Crest of Pole-Carew of Antony, donor of the window.
  2. Centre. Portrait of Carew, author of Ye survey of Cornwall.
  3. Lower. Arms of Pole-Carew of Antony.
with “C” in border.
Subject type
Figurative historical
WH Pole-Carew of Antony.
  1. Contract to be awarded to Fouracre & Watson, Western Morning News p 2,
  2. Western Morning News p 4, Cornish Times p 4, Cornish Telegraph p 4 (detailed descriptions of windows, but has East 1 and East 3 interchanged).
  3. Remaining panels removed 1940s - see notes on the building.

The crest of Pole-Carew of Antony: a mainmast, the round top set off with palisadoes or, a lion issuing thereout sable (Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 168. , London, Harrison & Sons) and letter C in border.