Liskeard, St Martin’s Masonic Hall

East 4

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Fouracre & Son (WD Snell)
Main subject
Work of the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls
Subject type
Brethren of St Martin’s Lodge
  1. Insertion (right-hand one of four, all side-by-side at east end of hall), donor, subject Western Morning News p 3.
  2. Maker Western Morning News p 10 (photos of windows)
  3. Notes by WD Snell (maker of the window) held by Liskeard Masonic Lodge.

The work of the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls.

Set-square symbol at the top of the window.

A little girl, under the guidance of the Matron, stitching on a sampler, on which the wording is S. Martin’s Lodge, , the date of consecration of the Lodge.

Presented by the Brethren of St Martin’s Lodge, 510.

Inscription at the bottom of the window.