Liskeard, St Martin’s Masonic Hall

East 2

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Fouracre & Son (WD Snell)
Main subject
Relief of the widow and fatherless boy
Subject type
W Bro A Hancock and Miss ML Hancock
  1. Insertion (second from left of four, all side-by-side at east end of hall), donor, subject Western Morning News p 3.
  2. Maker Western Morning News p 10 (photos of windows)
  3. Notes by WD Snell (maker of the window) held by Liskeard Masonic Lodge.

Relief of the widow and fatherless boy.

Keystone symbol at the top of the window.

Main scene: the fatherless boy, accompanied by his widowed mother, receives money.

Presented by W.Bro. [Worshipful Brother] A. Hancock and Miss M.L. Hancock.

Inscription at the bottom of the window.

Symbol in the upper left border.

Symbols in the lower left border.

Symbols in the upper right border.

Symbols (maul and chisel, axe and plumb line) in the lower right border.