Truro, Cathedral Choir School

Main hall

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Listed in the Imperial War Museum’s Register of War Memorials, reference 33562.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Fouracre & Son
Main subject
SS Gabriel : Michael
Subject type
Figurative allegorical
Members of Cathedral school, victims in 1st World War
  1. Maker, subject, unveiled on , Western Morning News p 8 (photo of window), Western Morning News p 5.
Charles Frederick Barrett Clement Francis George Molland
Thomas Tonkin Carlyon Alan Monk
John Walter Cowling Thomas William Pascoe
Charles Cecil Ewart Deeble Arthur Stanley Paterson
Hedley Dunstan John Carhart Reed
Fred Leslie Greenaway Redvers Baden Rowe
Claude Vivian Grigson Edgar Cyril John Rundle
Kenneth Walton Grigson James Melville Whitworth
Harold Hockaday Theodore Herbert Henry Wood
Irving Howard Hoskins

Ad majorem Dei gloriam et in piam et perpetuam memoriam Scholae Ecclesiae Truronensis alumnorum qui in bello per quattuor annos gesto gravissima pro rege et patria passi libertatem nobis sibi immortalitatem morte sui emeruerunt hanc fenestram ornandam curaverunt eiusdem scholae condiscipuli.

Avete fortes animae bene valeatis in pace.

(To the greater glory of God, and in affectionate and lasting memory of those lads of Truro Cathedral School who, in the Great War, from to , for King and Country enduring all things, by their supreme sacrifice won liberty for us, and for themselves a deathless name—this window has been given by their friends.)

(Brave souls, all hail! In peace farewell.)

St Gabriel holds a scroll on which is written Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum (Hail Mary, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee) (Luke 1:28).