St Winnow: St Winnow

e1: Chancel east

Crucifixion with Blessed Virgin Mary and St John.

e1 a. Blessed Virgin Mary.

e1 b. The Crucifixion.

e1 c. St John the Evangelist.

s2: South Aisle east

Restored by Holy Well Studio, Wells, 2009. An account of the conservation of this window is to be found in J Mattingly ‘Important Medieval Glass Conserved at St Winnow, Cornwall,’ C.V.M.A. magazine Vidimus, vol 30, June 2009. Tracery—arms of Kayle, Archdekne and Courtenay. SS George, Blessed Virgin Mary and Child, SS Christopher, Michael. Donor figures of Courtenay and Archdekne, and a bishop saint. St Winnow ?, , Blessed Virgin Mary (from Annunciation), St Mary Magdalene, and male bishop saint traditionally cited as St Leonard.

s2. Two rows of saints against a background of flower quarries alternating with kneeling donors. The three tracery lights feature heraldic badges: Kayle, Archdekne or Archdeacon, and the Courtenays (Earls of Cornwall).

s2 4a. St George.

s2 4b. The Virgin and Child.

s2 4c. St Christopher.

s2 4d. St Michael.

s2 3a. Image of donor.

s2 3b. Image of donor.

s2 3c. Image of donor.

s2 3d. Inserted half-figure of a bishop.

s2 2a. Probably St Winnow (Winwaloe).

s2 2b. Blessed Virgin Mary, from an otherwise lost Annunciation scene.

s2 2c. St Mary Magdalene.

s2 2d. A bishop saint traditionally cited as St Leonard.