Lanteglos-by-Camelford, St Julitta

s6. South aisle 2

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Date of manufacture and insertion
15th century
Number of lights
Not known
Main subject
Plain glass with coloured border
Tracery subject
St Jude : St Bartholomew
  1. Saints in tracery : JO, 122 cites 15th century.
  2. church guide. state similarity with St Winnow and some of Exeter Cathedral.
  3. J Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, vol Ⅲ p 54. William Lake, Truro, - East window tastefully filled with stained glass and north chancel window contains arms, probably Morton quartering some other (also in J Maclean, The Parochial and Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Major in the County of Cornwall vol Ⅱ p 308. London, Nichols & Sons, ).
  4. Mattingly & Swift, 2009.