Landulph, St Leonard and St Dilpe

South Chapel east

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Fouracre & Son
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Bishops Benson : Wilkinson : Gott
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Figurative historical
Mary and Emma Barrett
William and Charity Collinge
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  3. Barrett, 1999 : 51.

Bishops Benson, Wilkinson and Gott, the first three Bishops of Truro. Photograph copyright ©

Edward White Benson, D.D. First Bishop of the restored Cornish See to . Afterward 94th Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bishop Benson holding, in his left hand, a model of Truro Cathedral and, in his right hand, a pastoral staff. Photograph copyright ©

George Howard Wilkinson, D.D. Second Bishop of Truro to . Afterward Bishop of St Andrews and Primus of Scotland.

Bishop Wilkinson, holding in his left hand a crozier and with his right hand raised in blessing. Photograph copyright ©

John Gott, D.D. Third Bishop of Truro to , who dedicated this Church after restoration, .

Bishop Gott holds in his left hand a crozier and, in his right, a book. Photograph copyright ©