Ladock, St Ladoca

South aisle west

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Morris, William & Co
Main subject
  1. Moses (BJ70)
  2. St John the Baptist (BJ190)
  3. Isaiah (BJ266)
Tracery subject
Three angels.
Miss MAH Wise, sister of dedicatee.
Revd Canon Richard Farquhar Wise, rector of Ladock , died .
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  2. Death of dedicatee, Cornish Telegraph p 5.
  3. Insertion, subject, donor, dedicatee West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 5.
  4. Miss Wise also gave two windows, n5 and n6, in Truro Cathedral, in memory of her brother.
  5. Sewter (2) : 109.
  6. MG Swift, The Morris windows at St Ladoca, Ladock, Cornwall.

to the glory of god and in loving memory richard farquhar wise hon: canon of truro cathedral for ⅹⅼ years rector of this parish

Tracery: a seraph above two angels playing psalteries.

Tracery: the seraph at the top of the window.

Tracery: left-hand angel playing a psaltery.

Tracery: right-hand angel playing a psaltery.

Left-hand light: Moses holding the tablets on which are written the Ten Commandments. The fruit and foliage are probably pomegranate.

Left-hand light detail.

Centre light: John the Baptist holding a staff with a banner on which is written Ecce agnus Dei (Behold the lamb of God)


Centre light detail.

Right-hand light: Isaiah, holding a quill pen in his left hand.

Right-hand light detail.

Inscription across the bottom of the three lights.