Kenwyn, St Keyne or St Cuby

South aisle west

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Date of manufacture
Date of insertion
Number of lights
Beer, Robert of Exeter
Main subject
Plain diaper pattern
Tracery subject
Original tracery similar to Chancel east, but probably replaced after vandalism (see notes).
  1. Originally inserted in South chapel east.
  2. The Ecclesiologist No Ⅴ, September 1845, p 241.
  3. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3.
  4. Moved to the South aisle west (1862) during 1862 rebuilding. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4.
  5. Replacement tracery, probably by William Wailes, after vandalism Royal Cornwall Gazette p 8.
  6. Heavily ‘restored’ in ; see South aisle west (1979).