Kea, All Hallows

e1. Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Percy Bacon Bros, designed by GH Fellowes Prynne
Main subject
2a. Isaiah, Jeremiah 2b. St John the Baptist, Blessed Virgin Mary 2c. Christ 2d. St John the Evangelist, St Mary Magdalene 2e. Ezekiel, “Great Unknown”
1a. St Peter, St Paul 1b. St George, St Piran 1c. The Archangel Gabriel, The Archangel Michael 1d. St Kea, King Arthur 1e. Henry Martyn, John Gott
Tracery subject
B1. Arms of Diocese of Truro
B2. Arms of Daubuz
B3. Arms of Coode
B4. Arms of City of Truro
Subject type
Figurative historical
Elizabeth Frances Ann Daubuz, daughter of Revd John Daubuz of Killiow (rector of Creed , author of Thoughts on the Creation of the World and the Fall of Man)
Members of the Daubuz family
  1. Death of Revd John Daubuz, father of donor, , Cornish Telegraph p 5, Cornishman p 4, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  2. P97/2/29 and Truro Diocesan Faculty petition, , D/R/4/21, letters (transcription) between Elizabeth Frances Ann Daubuz of Killiow, the donor of the window, George Fellowes Prynne, the architect of the church and designer of the window, Percy Bacon, the maker of the window, Walter Damarel Coode, one of the churchwardens, Revd Canon H Holroyd Mills, rector of St Stephen-in-Brannel and Honorary Secretary of the Diocesan Advisory Committee on Faculties, and Mr HL Cowlard, Diocesan Registrar.
  3. Truro Diocesan Faculty , Faculty petition D/R/4/21, artist - GH Fellowes Prynne.
  4. Manufacturer from Some stained glass windows executed within the past twenty years , p 7. London, The British Society of Master Glass Painters, .

Whole window


B1. The arms of the Diocese of Truro are argent on a saltire gules a key in bend, wards upward, surmounted by a two-edged sword in bend sinister, hilt upwards or, in base a fleur-de-lis sable the whole within a bordure of Cornwall, viz., sable fifteen bezants (Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 1033. , London, Harrison & Sons.

B2. The arms of Daubuz are ermine, a chevron gules between three acorns slipped and pendant proper (Burke , op. cit., p 264). They were a local family who made many contributions to the church. These tinctures (colours) are different from the Daubuz arms in Old Kea, South aisle west.

B3. The arms of Coode are argent a chevron gules between three cocks sable, armed, crested, and jelloped of the second (Vivian , p 96). Like the Daubuz family, the Coode family were local, and major contributors to the church.

B4. The arms of the city of Truro are gules the base wavy argent and azure thereon a ship of three masts under sail all or, on each topmast a banner, on the waves in base two fishes of the second (Burke , op. cit., p 1033).

Isaiah, Jeremiah


S: John:Bpt, B:V: Mary


2c. Christ.

S: John, Mary Magdalene


Ezekiel, Gt Unknown

2e. The “Great Unknown” holds a banner on which is written Comfort ye my people (Isaiah 40:1).

S: Peter, S: Paul


S: George, S: Piran


S: Gabriel, S: Michael


S: Kea, K: Arthur


Henry: Martin [sic], Bp Gott

1e. Henry Martyn’s name, in his halo, is misspelt. The church was consecrated in by John Gott, the third bishop of Truro. A photographic likeness of his face is used.


This drawing seems to have been included in the petition for the Faculty for the window’s erection, but many of the figures, although not named in the drawing, are clearly different from those in the actual window.

The original drawing is held by Kresen Kernow, reference D/R/4/21.