Bodmin, St Petroc

s5. South Chapel south 3

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Clayton & Bell
Main subject
2a. Christ raises the son of the widow of Nain 2b. Christ saves Peter from drowning 2c. Miraculous draught of fishes 2d. Christ raises Jairus’ daughter
1a. Christ healing 1b. Christ healing 1c. Christ healing 1d. Christ rebukes the wind
Tracery subject
A1. Angel holding scroll
B1. Seal of Solomon containing IHϲ symbol
A2. Angel holding scroll
Subject type
Public subscription
William Robert Hicks, JP, of Bodmin, formerly Superintendent of the County Lunatic Asylum, died .
  1. Death of dedicatee Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6.
  2. Choice of memorial to dedicatee Lake’s Falmouth Packet and Cornwall Advertiser p 1.
  3. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  4. Mentioned, Western Morning News p 3.
  5. Kelly’s Directory p 711.
  6. Much fading in lower scenes especially.

In memory of William Robert Hicks who died aged 60 years


1a, 1b. Christ performs acts of healing

1c. Christ performs an act of healing.

1d. Christ stills the waves.