Bristol, St Mark, Lord Mayor’s Chapel

South, Flemish Roundels 3

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2a. Tobias leaves with angel; Anna mourns his departure (305) 2b. The figure of Fame? (307) 2c. St Giles with a donor (309) 2d. Lot and the two angels (311)
1a. John in a cauldron of boiling oil (306) 1b. The injustice of Emperor Otto III (308) 1c. St Antony with a donor (310) 1d. Christ with the doctors in the temple (312)
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  1. Cole, William. A Catalogue of Netherlandish and North European Roundels in Britain (Summary Catalogue 1), pp 35–36. Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi, Great Britain, , refs 305–312.
  2. Image of whole window.

1a. The torture of John the Evangelist. He is in a cauldron of boiling oil. A king and courtiers watch him (306).

1b. The injustice of Otto. The wife of an innocent courtier who has been beheaded is putting his head into a bag. The emperor Otto, who ordered the execution, looks on (308).

1d. Christ with the doctors in the Temple. Christ sits on the left at a lectern. The Virgin Mary and Joseph enter from the right. Gothic architecture. (312).