Bristol, St Mark, Lord Mayor’s Chapel

South, Flemish Roundels 2

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Date of manufacture and insertion
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Main subject
2a. Crucifixion with Mary and John on either side of the cross (297) 2b. St Gertrude and St John the Baptist (299) 2c. Flight into Egypt (301) 2d. St John the Baptist (303)
1a. Christ ascends to heaven; only his feet are visible (298) 1b. Anne and the Blessed Virgin Mary teaching the infant Jesus to read (300) 1c. Baptism of Christ in the river Jordan (302) 1d. Abraham, the king of Sodom and Melchisedek (304)
Cole catalogue numbers in brackets
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  1. Cole, William. A Catalogue of Netherlandish and North European Roundels in Britain (Summary Catalogue 1), p 35. Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi, Great Britain, , refs 297–304.
  2. Image of whole window.

1a. The Ascension (298).