Bristol, St Mark, Lord Mayor’s Chapel

South, Flemish Roundels 1

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2a. St John the Evangelist with a donor (289) 2b. The Archangel Michael (291) 2c. St Juliana of Nicomedia (293) 2d. St Bridget of Sweden has a vision of the betrayal of Christ (295)
1a. Sorghelos (290) 1b. St Adrian of Nicomedia, St Elizabeth of Hungary (292) 1c. St Wenceslas (294) 1d. Jonah is cast on dry land after three days in the whale (296)
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  1. Cole, William. A Catalogue of Netherlandish and North European Roundels in Britain (Summary Catalogue 1), pp 33–34. Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi, Great Britain, , refs 289–296.
  2. Image of whole window.

1a. Sorghelos. He looks destitute and stirs a pot over the fire. In the chimney is a boy suspended in a basket. (290).

1b. St Adrian and St Elizabeth of Hungary. St Adrian on the left carries an anvil and a sword. A lion stands behind him. St Elizabeth, right, gives money to a beggar (292).

1d. Jonah cast up on the shore. He steps out of the whale’s mouth with his hands clasped in prayer (296).