Cambridge, Jesus College Chapel

South transept east 1

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Morris, William & Co
Main subject
2a. The Persian sibyl 2b. St Matthew 2c. The Cumaean sibyl
1a. Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary 1b. Adoration of the Christ-child by Mary and Joseph 1c. Adoration of the Magi
The predellas depict scenes associated with the Nativity.
Subject type
Figurative historical
BJ 18 (2b)
  1. . Stratton, St Andrew, Chancel east. 2a.
  2. . Tavistock, St Eustachius, North aisle east. 3a.
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  2. Sewter AC, The stained glass of William Morris and his circle, Volume Ⅱ, p 43–44. New Haven, Connecticut, USA, and London, UK, Yale University Press,

Whole window

sibylla persica (The Persian Sibyl)

2a. The Sibyl has a long, coiling headdress and holds an open book. She is standing on a green snake.

s mattæus (St Matthew)

2b. St Matthew holds a book and quill pen and his symbol, an angel, is above his shoulders. His right foot rests on a money box and there is a money bag on the ground in front of him, references to the fact that he was a tax collector. Burne-Jones made a drawing of this design, which is now in Birmingham Museum (1927P531).

sibylla cumana (The Cumaean Sibyl)

2c. The Sibyl holds a branch in her left hand, and leaves in her raised right hand. This resembles the picture by Edward Burne-Jones of the Delphic Sibyl, and it is suggested that Morris & Co switched the Delphic and Cumaean sibyls.

e c[aelo] rex adveniet per sæcla futurus (The King shall come from Heaven through the ages) (from a Greek acrostic attributed to a sibyl and translated into Latin by St Augustine of Hippo, De civitate Dei Book 18 Chapter 23)

1a. The Annunciation. The archangel Gabriel, holding a lily, tells the Blessed Virgin Mary that she will conceive and become the mother of Jesus.

gloria in excelsis deo et in terra pax (Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace) (Luke 2:14)

1b. The Nativity. Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus. Joseph is seated on the ground and the angel holds up a veil. Burne-Jones’ cartoon for this scene.

et coram hic domino reges sistentur ad u[n]um (Every king before God shall stand in that day to be judged) (from a Greek acrostic attributed to a sibyl and translated into Latin by St Augustine of Hippo, De civitate Dei Book 18 Chapter 23)

1c. The Adoration of the Magi. From left to right: the Blessed Virgin Mary, the infant Jesus, Caspar, Balthazar and Melchior.

Cambridge, Jesus College Chapel, South transept east 1

2b. St Matthew, comparison image.