Islington, St Mary

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Fouracre & Son (WD Snell)
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Mrs Emily Eliza Procter, youngest daughter of Revd Walter Scott Dumergue of Fareham, widow of dedicatee
Revd Preb Charles James Procter, vicar of Islington , chairman of the Peache Trust, Prebendary of St Paul’s Cathedral, died .
  1. Marriage of dedicatee to donor, (whose sister was the wife of Revd George Forrester, the dedicatee of Cullompton, St Andrew, Chancel south 1), , St James’s Gazette p 15, London Daily News p 1.
  2. Death of dedicatee, Western Morning News p 9.
  3. Donor, dedicatee, maker, window to be unveiled on Western Morning News p 4. Gives (slightly confused!) reason for choice of maker by Mrs Procter.
  4. Dedicatee, maker, window unveiled on Western Morning News p 4. Photo of window on page 10.
  5. Window destroyed by bomb on , S Allen Chambers, Jr., History of St Mary Islington p 87.

In loving memory of Charles James Procter, M.A., Prebendary of Islington in St. Paul’s Cathedral, vicar of this parish from .

From the Western Morning News p 10. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.