Cubert, St Cubert

North transept north

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Ward & Hughes?
Main subject
Good Shepherd : Good Samaritan
Tracery subject
Dove in sexfoil
  1. Richard Hosken, died
  2. His wife Ann Hosken, died
  1. Will of Joseph Hosken, father of Revd Charles Henry Hosken (mentions brother Richard Hosken of Carevick in the parish of Cubert).
  2. Death of Joseph Hosken, probably father of Revd Charles Henry Hosken, , Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3
  3. Death of Richard Hosken, probably uncle of Revd Charles Henry Hosken, (window inscription gives ) Cornish Telegraph p 3
  4. Death of Ann Hosken, formerly of Ellenglaze, Cubert, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5. Gives age at death as 95, which is not consistent with birth and death dates given in window inscription and RCG report, which imply 93, as given in GRO record.
  5. Insertion, Kelly’s Directory p 854, Kelly’s Directory p 1079. Gives dedicatee as Mrs. Hosken of Carevick in this parish.
  6. Family history mentions Richard Hosken of Cubert and his wife Ann Furnis Hosken née Moyle of St Tudy.



Inscription at bottom of a Inscription at bottom of b

Inscriptions at the bottom of the left- and right-hand lights.

In memory of Richard Hosken Esqre of Carevick in this parish who died , aged 68.

Memorial tablet below the window. Birth and death dates in window and tablet imply age 67 at time of death, which is the age given in the GRO record.