Crowan, St Crewenna

Tower west

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Not known
Revd J W Johns, vicar and father of dedicatee.
John Tremenheere Johns, eldest of three sons of donor, died
  1. Death of dedicatee in boating accident in Oxford on Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  2. Donor, dedicatee, insertion Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4, Cornish Telegraph p 4 - “chaste stained glass”.
  3. Mentioned, including dedicatee, in description of visit to church Cornish Telegraph p 6.
  4. Tracery replaced in 1901 with roundels. Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 170. Heard & Sons, Truro (D/E/3/10, D/E/4/5) (no date given, probably 1901) new window and “Ringers’” Gallery’, cost £43.

Tracery: the three roundels inserted in . At the top is the ΙΗϹ (iota eta sigma) Christogram, on the left the letter Ω (omega) and on the right the letter Α (alpha). Α comes before Ω, so these lower two roundels may have been transposed.