Penzance, St Paul

n8. North aisle 3

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Newbery, Robert J, designed by Reginald Dick
Main subject
4. Arms of Malone (donor)
3. John Wycliffe
2. Hugh Latimer
1. Arms of Hugh Latimer as Bishop of Worcester
Revd Richard Malone, father of dedicatees, former vicar of St Paul’s
  1. John Henry Edmond Malone, died
  2. Elizabeth Wilmot Marion Malone, died
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  5. North aisle 2 (same donor, designer, maker), showing the other two Oxford Martyrs, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and Bishop Nicholas Ridley, was inserted three months earlier.

To the Glory of God, and in loving memory of Elizabeth Wilmot Marion, born , died and John Henry Edmond, born , died , the dear children of the Rev. Richard Malone and Jane Wilmot, his wife

The arms at the top are of Malone of Ballynahown and Baronstown, Ireland, gules a lion rampant between three mullets argent (Papworth, Vol 2, p 133). John Wycliffe is shown in his gown, holding a staff in his left hand, with his right hand emphasising his teaching. Hugh Latimer holds in his left hand a lantern, with the light shining towards him, emblematic of the light of God’s truth shining into his heart. With his right hand he holds a scroll containing a quotation from one of his sermons: God maketh us all Christians after the right fashion. The arms at the bottom are those of Hugh Latimer as Bishop of Worcester, i.e., the arms of the Diocese of Worcester, argent, ten torteaux, four, three, two, and one (Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 1135. , London, Harrison & Sons) impaled with those of Hugh Latimer, gules a cross patonce or, over all a bend azure semée-de-lis of the second (Burke , op. cit., p 587). The colour of the bend in the Latimer arms is different in this window.