Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

SMs8 b. St Mary’s aisle 7 right

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Nicholson, AK
Main subject
Tracery and right canopy - medieval fragments, including male figure. St John the Evangelist above female saint with boy playing lyre (probably Medieval Annunciation).
John Harold and Elizabeth Llewellyn
  1. Medieval fragments reinserted in tracery by Fouracre and Watson in what had become St Mary’s Aisle of Truro Cathedral. Minutes of Truro Cathedral Executive Committee, TCM/435, .
  2. FWBB 1948, 146 claims right-hand light still plain.
  3. BSMGP Directory 1961 cites AK Nicholson insertion.
  4. Left-hand light was inserted in 1907 (over fifty years earlier).

In·memory·of·John·Harold·Llewellyn·of·Truro·and formerly·of·Neath·South·Wales·Died·. And·of·his·wife·Elizabeth·Ann (Nan) Died·.

SMs8. The left-hand light (SMs8 a) was inserted in , over fifty years before the right-hand light (SMs8 b).

I John saw these things and heard them (Revelation 22:8).

SMs8 2b. St John the Evangelist, holding a book and quill pen and, at his feet, his emblem of an eagle. The eagle is holding a container, probably a pot of ink, in its beak.

SMs8 1b. A medieval scene of a kneeling female with a crown being serenaded by a youthful figure playing a lyre; possibly a representation of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.