Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

n10. North quire aisle north 8

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Date of manufacture and insertion
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Clayton & Bell
Main subject
St Athanasius : SS Basil, John Chrysostum : Athanasius returning to Alexandria .
Mrs Jane Mary Smith-Dampier of Twyford House, Winchester, daughter of dedicatee, widow of Revd Alfred Fowler-Smith, rector of St Mary, Thetford, Norfolk, died
John Lucius Dampier, second son of Sir Henry Dampier, Vice-Warden of the Stannary Courts of Cornwall and Devon , died
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  6. Inserted at same time as n9.

To the glory of God and in memory of John Lucius Dampier Vice Warden of the Stannaries Court his children dedicate this window.

St John Chrysostom.

In Alexandriam intrat S: (Sanctus) Athanasius (St  Athanasius enters Alexandria)

The return of St Athanasius to Alexandria from exile. He is shown wearing Eastern Orthodox vestments, riding on a donkey and carrying a bible. The scene has an astonishing resemblance to the traditional depiction of the entry of Christ into Jerusalem, even to the palms in the background and the cloaks on the ground under the donkey’s feet.