Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

n12. North quire aisle north 10

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St Benedict : SS Antony of Egypt, Scholastica : Benedict building cathedral at Naples
Family of dedicatee
Revd Canon Francis Vansittart Thornton, rector of South Hill-with-Callington, Honorary Canon of St Breaca, Truro Cathedral, died
  1. Death of dedicatee, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6.
  2. D/E/8/1 Truro Diocesan Magazine p 33 - the last in this section to be filled.

To the glory of God and in loving memory of Francis Vansittart Thornton Canon of Truro died aged 79.

S: (Sanctus) Antoninvs S: (Sanctus) Benedictvs S: (Sancta) Scholastica

The standing figure is St Benedict, clothed in the habit of his order. His right hand rests on a builder’s shovel, probably symbolising his building of the monastery at Monte Cassino, while his left holds a book under his arm. On the left sits St Anthony of Egypt, shown bearded with bare feet and wearing a monk’s habit. A blue tunic is draped over his right arm. St Scholastica, St Benedict’s sister, sits on the right, wearing a nun’s habit including veil and wimple. Her right hand rests on a model of a building, perhaps the nunnery she lived in at Plombariola, near Monte Cassino.

Coenobium Casinense fundatur (the monastery at Monte Cassino is founded).

St Benedict building the monastery of Monte Cassino. He holds a scroll and supervises the building activities of several monks