Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

n21. North transept 1 (St George’s Chapel)

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Clayton & Bell
Main subject
St George : Joseph of Arimathaea, St Augustine : George slaying dragon
Mrs Emily Grylls of Penlee, Truro, daughter of late Joseph Roberts, sister of dedicatees, widow of Glynn Grylls, died
  1. Joseph Roberts, solicitor, of Southleigh, Lemon Street, Truro, died
  2. Mary Penelope Roberts of Helston, sister of Joseph Roberts, died
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  9. The daughter of Glynn and Emily Grylls was Emily Glynn Grylls, who was the dedicatee of the stall of St Endelienta in the Cathedral.

Main scene. St George with St Joseph of Arimathaea and St Augustine of Canterbury.