Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

n22. North nave aisle 1

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Clayton & Bell
Main subject
St Theodore of Tarsus : SS Aidan and Wilfrid of York : Council of Hatfield A.D.680
Kenneth H James, grandson of dedicatees.
Walter James, died and Ursula Lavin James, died
  1. Death of Ursula James Royal Cornwall Gazette p 2.
  2. Death of Walter James Cornish Telegraph p 3.
  3. Insertion, donor, dedicatees, description of window and subjects Royal Cornwall Gazette p 7.
  4. Donor, dedicatees, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 7. Also funds to fill two other lights.
  5. Truro Cathedral Chapter Minutes TCM/1135 . Does this refer to this window?

class="inscription" title="To the glory of God and in memory of Walter James born at Merther 1757, died at Landport Portsmouth 1851. Also of Ursula Lavin his wife. Grandaughter of Reginald Hawkes of Killiow born at Old Kea 1765, died in this city 1822">TO·THE·GLORY·OF·GOD·AND·IN·MEMORY·OF·WALTER·JAMES·BORN·AT·MERTHER·1757 DIED·AT·LANDPORT·PORTSMOUTH·1851·ALSO·OF·URSULA·LAVIN·HIS·WIFE.·GRANDAUGHTER· OF·REGINALD·HAWKES·OF·KILLIOW·BORN·AT·OLD·KEA·1765,·DIED·IN·THIS·CITY·1822


n22 2 upper. Theodore is represented in pontifical robes, with a crimson cope and dark blue tunicle, holding in his right hand the Primatial cross, and an organ in the left; emblems typical of his authority in restoring ecclesiastical unity in England and of the introduction of the Western form of Church music.


n22 2 lower. Aidan is clothed in dark monastic dress; his head shows the Celtic tonsure, by his side is a hart, the emblem of ascetic solitude; in one hand he holds a book. Wilfrid is dressed in full episcopal vestments, with mitre, and he holds in his hands a book and the Pall, symobolic of his appeal to Rome, and readiness to accept the Papal jurisdiction.

ECCA̅M ANGLICANAM THEODORUS APUD HAETFELD ADUNAT (Theodore unites the English Church at Hatfield).

n22 1. Theodore presides at the council of Hatfield.