Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

n27. North nave aisle 6

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Joan of Arc : Louis IX and St Catherine of Siena : Coronation of Charles VII,
Mrs Sydney Catherine Tyacke, wife of Revd Joseph Sidney Tyacke, vicar of Helston, relative and friend of dedicatee, died (given by bequest).
Charlotte Elizabeth Willyams, second daughter of Revd Harry Longueville-Jones, wife of Arthur C Willyams of Bodrean, died
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  9. Same donor, dedicatee, insertion as n26.


n27 2 upper. Joan of Arc is shown with plate armour on her upper body and clad in a skirt peppered with fleur de lys. Her left hand holds a staff flying a pennant which is decorated with the motif of Christ in Majesty with two attendant angels. Her right hand grips a sword.


n27 2 lower. The seated figure on the left represents the crowned King Louis IX of France (), with his body swathed in robes. He has a cloak decorated with fleur de lys over his legs which are encased in plate armour. His right hand holds a pennant whilst his left knee supports a heavily embossed closed book. The seated figure on the right is St Catherine of Siena () wearing a Dominican habit and cloak. Her hair is unbound and held by a crown of thorns. Her left hand and arm support a pastoral cross, while her right hand holds a heart with a flame coming from it, a reference to one of her visions of an angel plunging a spear into her own heart.


n27 1. Joan of Arc stands in a prominent position at the coronation of King Charles VII of France at Reims in .