Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

s18. South nave aisle 3

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Clayton & Bell
Main subject
St Anselm : John Duns Scotus and St Thomas Aquinas : Anselm remonstrating with King William II
Sackville George Stopford-Sackville, MP for Northamponshire, husband of dedicatee.
Mrs Edith Frances Stopford-Sackville, daughter of William Rashleigh of Menabilly, died .
  1. Death of dedicatee Cornishman p 4.
  2. Funeral of dedicatee Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4.
  3. Window will shortly be erected West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 4 (also mentions several other windows recently inserted).
  4. Insertion, donor, dedicatee, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4. (contains details of subjects: predella shows Anselm remonstrating with William Rufus at Rockingham Castle, which adjoins the Northamptonshire estate of the donor), West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 8, Cornishman p 3, Cornish Telegraph p 6.
  5. Benediction of window, Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 164 (). Heard & Sons, Truro (D/E/3/13, D/E/4/7, TCM/1257/6).
  6. Dedicatee of this window was a donor of Fowey, Tower west in memory of her father.


s18 2 upper. St Anselm, shown in bishop’s vestments.


s18 2 lower. On the left is Duns Scotus, shown wearing a Franciscan habit, his left hand holding a book. On the right is St Thomas Aquinas, tonsured and clean-shaven, clothed in a Dominican habit with a sunburst, the symbol of a teacher of doctrine. He is depicted holding a book, probably his Summa Theologiae, with an inkhorn, a symbol of authorship, hanging from a finger of his left hand.


s18 1. St Anselm remonstrates with William Rufus. Anselm, in bishop’s vestments but excluding a mitre, stands before King William II in an attitude of confrontation. The crowned monarch is seated on his throne, a downward pointed sword held in his right hand.

s18 1. The inscription, at the bottom of the window.