Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary

e1 a. Lower east left

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Clayton & Bell
Main subject
4a. Adoration of the Magi
3a. Annunciation to the shepherds
2a. Elizabeth blessing Mary
1a. Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Subject type
Deanery of East
  1. CintW, , - “in preparation”.
  2. CintW , - cost lower lights=£500.
  3. MG Swift, The windows of Truro Cathedral—A Victorian vision fulfilled, Chapter 6.
The left-hand light of the lower east window

Events of the Incarnation

DIXIT · AVTEM · MARIA · ECCE · ANCILLA · DOMINI (And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord) (Luke 1:38).

1a. The Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. The angel holds a scroll on which is written AVE · GRATIA · PLENA (Hail, thou that art highly favoured) (Luke 1:28).

BENEDICTA · TV · INTER · MVLIERES (Blessed art thou among women) (Luke 1:42).

2a. The Visitation. Joseph stands on the left while Mary and Elisabeth speak to each other, and Zacharias stands on the right.

TRANSEAMVS · VSQVE · BETHLEHEM · ET · VIDEAMVS · HOC · VERBVM (Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing) (Luke 2:15).

3a. The Annunciation to the Shepherds. The text around the angel reads NATVS · EST · VOBIS · HOC · DIE · SALVATOR (For unto you is born this day [in the city of David] a Saviour) (Luke 2:11).

LVMEN · AD · REVELATIONEM · GENTIVM (A light to lighten the Gentiles) (Luke 2:32).

4a. The Adoration of the Magi. On the left stand Joseph in the background and Caspar kneeling before Mary and Jesus. On the right kneels Melchior and Balthazar stands behind him. There is a crown on the ground in front of Mary and Jesus. This scene and the Resurrection in 4c at the top of the right-hand light are the only parts of this window that are visible from the nave of the Cathedral.