Tintagel, St Materiana

Chancel south 1

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Powell, James of Whitefriars
Main subject
a. St Piran
b. St Julitta
Subject type
Figurative historical
Revd Archibald Blissard Blissard-Barnes, vicar of Tintagel , died
  1. Cornish & Devon Post p 5, Cornish & Devon Post p 8.
  2. Change of dedicatee’s name from Archibald Blissard Barnes to Archibald Blissard Blissard-Barnes, London Gazette,
  3. Maker’s mark.
  4. Insertion=deathdate.

S. Pieran [sic] S. Julitta

In memoriam Archibald Blissard Barnes hujus ecclesiæ quondam Vicarii qui obiit (In memory of Archibald Blissard Barnes, former vicar of this church, who died )

The saints’ names are written vertically near the left-hand border of each light, Piran’s in the upper left, Julitta’s in the lower left. St Piran holds his usual attributes: a model of his oratory at Perranzabulue and a copper bell. His name is inscribed on the bell, again in the form Pieran.