Tintagel, St Materiana

e1. Chancel east

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Tyrrell, Ann
Main subject
Ornamented glass
William Evan Price of Torrington, solicitor, husband of dedicatee
Anne Elizabeth Price, née Palmer, second daughter of Revd John Palmer, Prebendary of Lincoln, died /.
  1. Marriage of William E Price to Anne Elizabeth Palmer, , London Evening Standard p 4,
  2. Death of dedicatee North Devon Journal p 3.
  3. Renovation, including the insertion of three new windows at expense of the lay proprietors, West of England Conservative and Plymouth and Devonport Advertiser p 5, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  4. Restoration at expense of Mr Price of Torrington, the lay rector The Ecclesiologist, No LXXXIV June 1851, p 234 three stone windows in the chancel shortly to be filled with stained glass. Describes church as St Symphorian, Tintagel, but within article explicitly mentions St Symphorian, Forrabury as well.
  5. Description of the church, Building News and Engineering Journal Volume 6 p 671 (). EJ Kibblewhite, London.. The glass in the east window looks like Mr. Willement’s, and is very good.
  6. Western Morning News p 4. Reprints article in BNEJ 1860, op. cit.. Adds that The east window and two windows on the south side of the chancel were inserted eighteen years ago, and were filled with stained glass by Mr. W.E. Price, their lessee, in memory of his late wife.
  7. J Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, vol IV p 231. William Lake, Truro, : Mentions chancel windows dated , which probably refer to date of dedicatee’s death. The tastefully ornamented windows were not only designed by the present vicar [Revd Richard Byrn Kinsman], but the subjects permanently burnt into the glass through his own artistic manipulation,—a rare feature in the history of glass-staining.
  8. Colby, Frederic Thomas, Pedigrees of five Devonshire families, Colby, Coplestone, Reynolds, Palmer and Johnson, 1884, Exeter, William Pollard. Additions and Corrections, Three windows to her [Mrs Price’s] memory have been placed in the Chancel of Tintagel Parish Church by Mr. Price (lessee of the great tithes); the eastern window painted by Miss Ann Tyrrell, sister of the late Bishop of Newcastle in Australia.
  9. CG - “indifferent glass in the east window : damaged in a gale, but ever since retained”.