Tideford, St Luke

e1. Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Not known
Main subject
Nativity and Adoration of the Shepherds
a. Adoration of the shepherds
b. Adoration of the Christ-child by Mary and Joseph
c. Adoration of the shepherds
Tracery subject
Sun : Dove : Lamb
Revd Edward Fanshawe Glanville, perpetual curate of Tideford , died
  1. Appointment of Revd Edward Fanshawe Glanville to the District Perpetual Curacy of Tideford, St James’s Chronicle p 3,
  2. Death of donor, Oxford Journal p 5,
  3. Donor, dedicatee, Kelly’s Directory p 1026.
  4. CW claim window inserted at building of church, but style more of the 1860s

Whole window


a. Adoration of the shepherds. b. Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus.

b. Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus. c. Adoration of the shepherds.