Talland, St Tallan

e1. Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Chater & Son, St Dunstan’s Hill, London
Main subject
Crucifixion with BVM and St John
HC Richards, KC, MP
  1. Revd Frederick Field-Richards, older brother of donor, officiated at Talland for some months in 1877, died
  2. Mrs Mary Susette Jackson, daughter of Dr Gibson of Norwich, widow of Mr George Jackson (director of the Cornish Bank), foundress of the Norwich Nursing Home.
  1. Death of Revd Frederick Field-Richards Cornishman p 5.
  2. Truro Diocesan Faculty dated , Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 159. Heard & Sons, Truro (D/E/3/11, D/E/4/6, TCM/1257/4), To erect a Stained Glass Window in East End of Chancel.
  3. Donor, dedicatees, subjects Western Morning News p 6, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6, Cornishman p 4. (last two give maker).
  4. TDM 1903 : 119.
  5. Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 163 (). Heard & Sons, Truro (D/E/3/11, D/E/4/6, TCM/1257/4), A Three-light Stained Glass Window has been given as an Easter Offering by H.C. Richards, Esq., K.C., M.P.
  6. Parson, J, A Short History and Description of Talland Church 1920, p 24; first stained glass in church.
  7. Donor gave many windows at St Peter, Newlyn, including North aisle 2, North aisle 5 and West in memory of Revd Frederick Field-Richards.