Charlestown, St Paul

South transept south 1

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Mayer of London and Munich
Main subject
Christ as the Good Shepherd
Tracery subject
St Luke emblem in trefoil above South transept south 1 and South transept south 2
Subject type
Figurative historical
Elizabeth Luke
William Luke of Charlestown, merchant and shipowner, churchwarden, died aged 52
  1. Death of dedicatee, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (funeral).
  2. Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 154 (). Heard & Sons, Truro (D/E/3/4, D/E/4/2). Three stained windows and a Trefoil: (Mayer and Co.). The three windows are South transept east , South transept south 1 , South transept south 2 .

I am the good shepherd (John 10:11)

Christ as the Good Shepherd>

Saint Luke

Trefoil in the tracery between South transept south 1 and South transept south 2. A winged bull, the emblem of St Luke, a reference to the dedicatee’s surname.