St Neot, St Anietus

s3. South Chapel south 1

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Number of lights
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Main subject
Eight scenes from the life of Noah, from an original twelve.
2a. Noah building the ark 2b. The embarcation of the ark 2c. Noah sends off a raven which does not return 2d. The dove returns to Noah with an olive branch
1a. Noah, his family and the animals leave the ark 1b. Noah’s sacrifice 1c. The drunkeness of Noah 1d. Noah’s death and burial
Tracery subject
() - God sits on a rainbow above the Universe, with angels in adoration
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  5. Where the inscription in the window is now illegible, the text given in Grylls is used.

Eight scenes from the story of Noah’s ark.

Tracery. God sits on a rainbow above the Universe, with angels in adoration on either side. Based on a print by Albrecht Dürer

Hic Noy facit arcam (Here Noah makes the ark)

2a. Noah, assisted by his sons, building the ark (Genesis 6:22)

Hic Noy introivit in arcam (Here Noah entered into the ark)

2b. Noah and one of his sons rolling a cask into the ark (Genesis 7:7)

Hic misit corvum et columbam (Here he sent out a raven and a dove)

2c. Noah in the ark, floating on the waters, sends out the raven and the dove (Genesis 8:7–8).

2c detail.

Hic misit columbam, quae revertit. (Here he sent forth the dove, which returned)

2d. The dove returning, with the olive leaf in her mouth. (Genesis 8:11)

Hic Noy egressus est de arca. (Here Noah went forth from the ark)

1a. Noah and his family, together with the pairs of the brute creation, coming out of the ark (Genesis 8:18–19)

Obtulit olacaustum super altare. (He offered a whole burnt-offering on the altar)

1b. Noah and his family offering their sacrifice of thanksgiving (Genesis 8:20)

Hic Cham vidit patrem nudum. (Here Ham saw his father naked)

1c. Ham looking upon the nakedness of his father Noah, whilst Shem and Japheth are approaching him backwards, with a garment upon their shoulders to cover him (Genesis 9:22–23)

Hic Noy mortuus est (Here Noah is dead)

1d. The death of Noah, his sons standing by (Genesis 9:29)