Chacewater, St Paul

South aisle 3

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Wippell, J (designed by George Cooper-Abbs)
Main subject
  1. BVM and child with vase of lilies
  2. Martha working in kitchen
  3. St Francis Assisi with robin, hen and dove
  1. Susan Oatey, died
  2. Winifred Mary Dryden, died [GRO]
  3. Samuel Oatey, died
  1. Revd Dryden to leave Chacewater for Buxton-with-Oxnead, in the Diocese of Norwich, Cornishman p 4.
  2. Maker’s mark, with Wippell’s mark.
  3. *Dryden light - Truro Diocesan Faculty 3/6/1946.
  4. Oatey light Truro Diocesan Faculty 18/10/1961.
  5. BSMGP Dir. 1966 - states insertion 1947-63.

To the glory of God and in thankful remembrance of Susan Oatey, who died , aged 87 years. A faithful worshipper, devoted wife and loving mother

Remember Winifred Mary, wife of W.B. Dryden, M.A., Vicar of this parish . Erected by her friends as a token of appreciation of her great love for this parish

In loving remembrance of Samuel Oatey who died , aged 92 years. A beloved father, wise in counsel: steadfast in the faith

Left-hand light. Blessed Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus. Beside Mary are lilies.


Centre light. Martha in the kitchen.

Francis of Assisi, with stigmata on his hands, a tonsure, and clothed in the brown habit of a Franciscan monk. He is surrounded by birds and flowers.

The inscriptions at the bottom of the window. In the right-hand light, above the inscription, is the head of a dog (collie?), probably a pet of the dedicatee.