St Martin-by-Looe, St Keyne and St Martin

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Listed in the Imperial War Museum’s Register of War Memorials, reference 41234.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Morris, William of Westminster
Main subject
Soldier and mother : Christ with crown : Centurion. Above the Holy City a biplane is flying. Air Force badge below inscription
Henry Moore Picken
Lt Ronald Baynton Picken, RAF, died , and his mother Mabel Marion Picken, wife of HM Picken, Beaumont, Pussellawa, Ceylon, died
  1. Death of Mabel Marion Picken, Western Morning News p 1.
  2. Maker’s signature and address.
  3. Truro Diocesan Faculty 10/3/1920.
  4. “Killed in an air fight off Albania, 6/9/1918, aged 20.”
  5. CG claims plane to be Sopwith Camel - more likely Bristol Fighter.
  6. Lt Picken belonged to 224 Squadron which, from , was equipped with DH.9 aircraft, which it used for bombing missions against targets in Albania and Montenegro.