St Ives, St Ia the Virgin

e1. Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Kempe, CE
Main subject
St Nicholas and St Peter : Christ in majesty : St Ia and St Andrew
Tracery subject
ihr : four angels
Mrs Caroline Seaborne Richardson, née Davy, of Tregenna Castle, daughter of Sarah Maria Davy, one of the donors of the previous Chancel east.
  1. Betty Wallis, widow of Samuel Wallis, Captain and Commissioner of Royal Navy, maternal grandmother of Sarah Maria Davy, died
  2. Samuel Stephens of Tregenna Castle, father of donor, died
  3. Samuel Wallis Stephens, eldest son of Samuel Stephens of Tregenna Castle, brother of Sarah Maria Davy, died
  4. Betty Stephens, only daughter and heiress of Samuel Wallis, commissioner, RN, mother of Sarah Maria Davy, died
  5. Sarah Maria Davy, née Stephens, wife of Revd_Charles William Davy, mother of donor, died
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  8. Copper plaque near west door states that the window was restored by Caroline Seaborne Richardson at All Saints Tide 1905
  9. Insertion, donor, dedicatees (death dates inaccurate) Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3, Cornishman p 3. Design is the same as the window that it replaced, two figures of St Ia and St Nicholas having been added.
  10. TDM 1906 : 166 - replaced previous Chancel east window destroyed in explosion at Hayle Dynamite Works on , Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4.
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