St Ives, St Ia the Virgin

South aisle south 1

Entries in grey are not obtained from documentary evidence, but are inferred from content, context, etc.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Fouracre & Watson
Main subject
SS Sennen above Christ and shepherd : Ia above Annunciation : Levan above miraculous draught of fishes
Tracery subject
Four angels, two with scrolls
Subject type
Figurative historical
John Tremearne, Matilda Tremearne and Frances Tremearne, children of dedicatees
John Newman Tremearne, died , and his wife Matilda Tremearne, died .
  1. Obituary of John Newman Tremearne Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6.
  2. Death of Matilda Tremearne Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  3. Insertion date in inscription of window is 1885.
  4. Insertion, dedicatees Cornish Telegraph p 5, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 7, Cornishman p 5. Location is to the right of the door from St. Andrew’s Street
  5. Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 159. Heard & Sons, Truro (D/E/3/4, D/E/4/2) (no date given, probably 1886).
  6. Maker from church visit described in Cornish Telegraph p 6, Cornish Telegraph p 8.
  7. Maker from Peter, Thurstan C, Notes on the Church of St Ives, Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, Volume ⅩⅥ () p 262, 1906, Truro, Oscar Blackford.

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of John Newman Tremearne and Matilda his wife this window was erected as a token of affection by their children John, Matilda and Frances 1885.