St Ives, St Ia the Virgin

South aisle east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Powell, James of Whitefriars
Main subject
  1. The winged bull of St Luke,
  2. Medallion: Christ standing and knocking at a door, saying Behold I stand at the door and knock,
  3. The eagle of St John.
All three lights set in decorated (leaf) grisaille
Tracery subject
Two angels and dove
Robert Hichens, father of dedicatees.
  1. Jane Hichens, died
  2. Margaret Jope Hichens, eldest daughter, died
  1. Death of Margaret Jope Hichens, London Evening Standard p 4.
  2. Subjects, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  3. Pair with Trenwith Chapel south 1 North aisle east.
  4. Donor and dedicatees from J Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, vol II p 254. William Lake, Truro, .
  5. Donor from Matthews, John Hobson. A History of the Parishes of Saint Ives, Lelant, Towednack and Zennor in the County of Cornwall, p 74. , London, Elliot Stock.
  6. Maker from Powell Archive No number/454.

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock (Revelation 3:20)