St Eval, St Uvelus

South aisle east

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Listed in the Imperial War Museum’s Register of War Memorials, reference 9253.

Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
McCartney, Crear
Main subject
Crown of Thorns with the badges of RAF Coastal Command and RAF St Eval
Tracery subject
Subject type
Royal Air Force
Personnel serving at RAF St Eval
  1. Maker’s mark and dated.

Per ardua ad astra

De profundis clamavi

The description beside the window is as follows:

The East Window in the Lady Chapel was dedicated on to the memory of all who served at RAF St. Eval from to .

The design is a response to Psalm 130 De Profundis Clamavi Out of the depths have I cried to Thee O Lord.

Shipwrecked seamen in the Western Approaches would look anxiously for the RAF roundel on an aircraft’s wing as a sign of hope in answer to their Mayday call. The red of the roundel has been transformed into Christ’s Crown of Thorns—symbol of His triumph over humiliation and death on the cross.

The circles at the foot symbolise the storm tossed sea around Cornwall and super-imposed on them are the insignia of RAF Coastal Command and RAF St. Eval.

Christ’s sacrifice for mankind is symbolised by five red circles at the top of the three lancets—five drops of blood for the five wounds on His broken body.

The stars of the RAF motto Per Ardua ad Astra occupy the tracery, seven stars to symbolise Heaven. These remind us of shipwrecked sailors and the aircraft of Coastal Command navigating by the stars, seeking a safe haven. They that watch for the morning … hope in the Lord (Psalms 130:6–7).

Royal Air Force Coastal Command

Constant endeavour

The badge and motto of RAF Coastal Command, at the bottom left. The centre of the badge contains a crown, and the Crown of Thorns forms a central motif of the whole window.

Royal Air Force Station St Eval

Faith in our task

The badge and motto of RAF St Eval, at the bottom right. The church itself, a landmark for pilots, is shown in the centre of the badge.