St Erth, St Ercus

South Chapel south

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Fouracre & Son
Main subject
SS Conan : Erth : Archbishop Benson
Subject type
Figurative historical
Mrs Hawkins (donor of the western towers of Truro Cathedral)
Hawkins family
  1. Truro Diocesan Faculty granted , reported in Truro Diocesan Kalendar p 148. Heard & Sons, Truro.
  2. Maker (The three windows [lights of this window] in the south aisle have been filled with stained glass, painted by Mr. Snell, of Plymouth), donor, Cornishman p 4. Dormer windows and screens were carved by Mr. Rashleigh Pinwell [sic], of Plymouth, which probably means Violet Pinwill.

SS Conan and Erth. On the right is Archbishop Benson, holding a model of Truro Cathedral, in the design of which he was closely involved. The model shows the western towers of the Cathedral which were donated by the donor of this window and built after Benson’s death.