St Dominick, St Dominica

n7. North aisle 2

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Thomas, Brian DL
Main subject
Themes of harvest:
  1. Reaper above musical instruments and needlework
  2. Dove above Good Shepherd
  3. Reaper above ship, bells, etc.
Stanley Breen, husband of dedicatee.
Sheila Breen, née Pearse, died .
  1. Faculty P50/2/40.
  2. BSMGP Dir. 1966; made by Whitefriars, Powell Archive 218/292
  3. CD=insertion 5/5/1963.
  4. Short biography of dedicatee and description of window.

Sheila, wife of Stanley Breen of Cotehele Farm, died on aged 65 years

She used her many talents in the service of this neighbourhood