St Columb Major, St Columba

e1. Chancel east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Percy Bacon Bros
Main subject
Christ in Majesty, surrounded by angels and saints.
2a. Abraham, Moses 2b. St John the Evangelist, Blessed Virgin Mary 2c. Christ 2d. St Mary Magdalene, St John the Baptist 2e. King Solomon, King David
1a. St Alban, William Laud, St George. 1b. St Peter, Venerable Bede, St Paul 1c. SS Probus, Columba, Grace 1d. SS Luke, Boniface, Stephen 1e. St Germanus, King Charles I, St Petroc
Dr Herbert Nankivell of Bournemouth, son of resident, also Dr Nankivell.
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Christ in Majesty, surrounded by angels and saints.

Tracery: angels

2a. Abraham holding the knife with which he was going to kill Isaac, Moses holding one of the tablets on which are written the first four of the Ten Commandments.

S. Alban, Laud, S. George

1a. St Alban, Archbishop William Laud, St George.

2b. St John the Evangelist holding a chalice from which is emerging a dragon, Blessed Virgin Mary holding a bible and a lily.

S. Peter, Ven. Bede, S. Paul

1b. St Peter holding a key, Venerable Bede kneeling, St Paul holding a sword.

2c. Christ in Majesty

Probus, S. Columba, Grace

1c. SS Probus, Columba, Grace

2d. St Mary Magdalene, St John the Baptist

S. Luke, S. Boniface, S. Stephen

1d. St Luke holding his symbol, a winged bull, St Boniface kneeling holding a sword and a book, St Stephen holding a martyr’s palm frond.

2e. King Solomon holding the tongs of gold, King David holding a harp.

S. German, Charles KM, S. Petrock

1e. St German dressed as Bishop of Auxerre, King Charles I kneeling in prayer, St Petroc dressed as a bishop.