St Clement, St Clement

Nave north 1

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Carlyon, Revd Clement W (design attributed). Glazed by Thomas Solomon of Truro
Main subject
Geometric patterns with borders
Tracery subject
Painted armorial roundel.
Mr Northmore Herle Pierce Lawrence of Launceston, probably brother-in-law of Henry Prynn Andrew
The family of Andrew of Bodrean and Henry Prynn Andrew, JP, DL, died .
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  4. Designer=(oral) Preb. James Vincent.
  5. All windows have common inscription style and basic design.
  6. The donor of this window was the dedicatee of Launceston, St Mary Magdalene, South aisle 2. His wife was the daughter of Henry Prynn Andrew, who had died before their marriage in , so she was probably the sister of the dedicatee of this window.