St Clement, St Clement

South aisle east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Carlyon, Revd Clement W (design attributed). Glazed by Thomas Solomon of Truro
Main subject
Geometric patterns, including a St Thomas Cross and Seal of Solomon, within borders.
Tracery subject
Arms, crest and motto of Michell: Vouloir c’est pouvoir.
  1. Robert Michell, born , died ,
  2. Robert Michell, born , died ,
  3. Robert Michell, born , died .
  1. Death of Robert Michell () Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3.
  2. Death of Robert Michell () Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3.
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  6. Designer=(oral) Preb. James Vincent.
  7. All windows have common inscription style and basic design.



ROBERT MICHELL BORN DIED [year of death is unintelligible in the inscription].

Geometric patterns within borders. The inner two lights each include a St Thomas Cross, and the outer two lights each include a Seal of Solomon, possibly a reference to the maker, Thomas Solomon.

Tracery. The arms and crest are similar to Michell of Harlyn (arms: sable an escallop between three griffins’ heads or erased gules, crest: a pegasus flying (Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 683. , London, Harrison & Sons), but the ancestry of the Michells commemorated in this window has been traced back to John Michell of the Truro Michell family, whose arms are sable an escallop between three birds’ heads erased or (Vivian 1887 p. 322 and also listed by Burke ibid). The heads clearly have large ears, making them much more likely to be griffins than birds, so perhaps the arms of the wrong branch of the Michell family were used in this window.