St Clement, St Clement

South aisle 4

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Carlyon, Revd Clement W (design attributed). Glazed by Thomas Solomon of Truro
Main subject
Geometric patterns with borders
Tracery subject
Painted armorial roundel (anchor).
Florence Grosvenor Vivian, née Rowley, wife of Hon John Cranch Walker Vivian, MP, of Park, near Truro.
  1. Marriage of donor on , Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4.
  2. Is this the one [window] unfilled with coloured glass in Royal Cornwall Gazette p 8?
  3. J Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, vol I p 212. William Lake, Truro, .
  4. Divorce of donor, on grounds of adultery with John de La Poer Beresford, Baron Tyrone and 6th Marquess of Waterford, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 8.
  5. Designer=(oral) Preb. James Vincent.
  6. All windows have common inscription style and basic design.