St Blazey, St Blaise

South aisle east

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Date of manufacture and insertion
Number of lights
Fouracre & Son
Main subject
  1. St Fimbar, dressed as bishop, over Fimbar supervising building
  2. St Blaise, dressed as bishop, over Blaise’s martyrdom
  3. St Petroc, dressed as bishop, over conversion of Roman soldier
Tracery subject
ihs above two scroll bearing angels
Subject type
Figurative historical
Major John Polkinghorne of Roselyon, St Blazey, died
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In memory of John Polkinghorne of Roselyon

The above window is erected to the glory of God and in memory of Major John Polkinghorne of Roselyon, in this parish, who died on the , aged 74 years. His remains are interred in the family vault in the adjoining churchyard.

The scenes illustrate the missionary zeal of the early Church in Cornwall: St Fimbar, St Blaise and St Petroc are depicted fully vested as Bishops, and underneath each there is pictured and incident in his life, while the tracery is filled with angels bearing the martyr’s palm and crown.

Left-hand predella: Fimbar supervising building.

Centre predella: the martyrdom of St Blaise.

Right-hand predella: St Petroc converts a Roman soldier.